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Journal red5's Journal: This thing still on? 4

I'm writing this from Rose Barracks in Vilseck Germany. I'm Stationed here as a Scout in US Army. I'm also married with kid on the way. Those two sentences do a poor job of summarizing the last few years of my life if anybody is still active in this Journal clique I'll let you know the rest.

Miss you guys

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This thing still on?

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  • You missed the great Astroturf Invasion of 2008. Basically, any account with UID over 1 250 000 has a 85% chance of being a paid shill for MS, Oracle, or the CIA. tomhudson got blinder, I started getting paid for knowing linux stuff (I use awk more than perl), and CmdrTaco retired. Oh, and timothy figured out how to turn off his spellchecker so he doesn't have to ignore it anymore.
  •     There's a name I haven't seen in a long time.. Military, eh?

  • ... not many of us remained here. Just a few held the fortress....
    • by gmhowell ( 26755 )

      TBH, there are fewer barbarians at the gate these days.

      Except for the aforementioned paid shills.

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