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Journal Hemos's Journal: Stupid Online/Offline Services 6

So, I had been playing The Sims Online for a bit. It's a decent enough MMOG, but the time commitment for MMOG is just so huge, that it's not something I can really see myself getting into it. Especially since I'm on IRC all day as it is, so I see enough "hey dude!" and "lol".

My introductory subscription ran out on the 3rd, and I got dinged for the next month's subscription fee. So, I go to cancel, the same way I signed up - on That's when I find out that you have to call them. Now, it is an 800 number, but that's like another 10 minutes or so, and you have to say why you are quitting. Bad move, EA. Now you've just made me cranky about your game.

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Stupid Online/Offline Services

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  • by jamie ( 78724 )
    So you need a replacement game right? Master of Orion 3 [] is shipping for the Mac now. I can't decide whether to order it now or wait until Dungeon Siege [] comes out later this month and get both at once. Dungeon Siege's multiplayer, as far as I can tell from the description, isn't Massive though, it's join up with seven friends and go fight the same game as in single-player... meh.

    I don't know why I bothered to paste hyperlinks into your journal. It's not like you don't know how to use Google. I am so lame.

    • Re:Moo3 (Score:3, Interesting)

      by Salis ( 52373 )
      I have Dungeon Siege on the PC. When you play multiplayer you switch to a completely new campaign with an entirely new world. It's pretty cool. New spells too..if you hadn't gotten to the extremely high level it lets you max out at in the single player.

  • by roka ( 211127 )
    I don't see a reason for them not to ask you why you want to quit.
    However, I can't imagine that you _have to_ give a reason. I don't even think this would be legal.
    At least not where I live.
  • You've already decided to bail on them. And the harder they make it for you to bail....
  • Many places, when you want to quit, want the opportunity to try and bargain with you to get you to stay (You know, I could give you One Month Free if you don't cancel!!!), and they can't do that online. I think it sucks too, but apparently it works for them.

    One of my new personal issues is how slow the California DMV has been about getting online services. Somehow, by the year 2003, I would expect to be able to request dupplicate registration stickers and such Online, rather that having to print out a form

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