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Journal Marxist Hacker 42's Journal: Anybody else go through a job change recently? 3

The only people I specifically told about my contract ending were here, where I'm relatively anonymous, my consulting company, my family, and a posting on (where I didn't even list when the contract is ending, and my profile is still "Submitted for Approval"). Despite this, word must have leaked: I have had 8 recruitment calls in the past 30 hours, plus a smattering of e-mails from people who apparently either don't understand no relocation or can't read a map and think that Ohio is within commuting distance of Oregon.

Is this the new normal or did I cross a line with 17 years in the industry?

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Anybody else go through a job change recently?

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  • That Developer Auction had picked up all my volunteer work from LinkedIn, and tried to claim it as work experience, thus I was listed as a Software Engineer and Grand Knight of my Knights of Columbus Council.


    • This is the new normal. I can't get some (really stupid) recruiters to stop spamming me with notices for completely irrelevant job listings like "Linux Admin position in Detroit", etc.

      And yes, most of them ignore "not willing to relocate".

      There are good firms out there. I will specifically call out Modis who are absolutely top-notch, but they are only in the mid-Atlantic east coast.

      Most of them are idiots and actually harm your job search by causing you to waste time sorting through mounds of irrelevant c

  • But I'm at 2-5 recruiter "drive bys" a week, via LinkedIn.

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