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Journal Penurious Penguin's Journal: Dear Soulskill & Slashdot Kin - Farewell 5

This is my farewell to Slashdot. I once stated after seeing my submissions disappear faster than spam -- often while RED and bearing no negative tags -- that I'd leave Slashdot out of self-respect if it happened again. Although I made an exception or two afterwards, the time has now come. I do not waste my time to have even the effort of a summary squandered so aggressively whilst spam outlives my contributions. The title of this journal is due to the tendency for this to occur under the watch of Soulskill -- almost exclusively. Whether or not it has anything to do with any particular editor or not, I obviously cannot say with certainty. It has simply reached a point where I've come to expect it -- an unhealthy anticipation. Hopefully some of the 18 accepted submissions have helped to enrich things rather than otherwise; I definitely tried. As a final note to actual "friends"; my failure to reciprocate was Discordian in nature, and I was inclined only to friend my foes. For us Discordians must stick apart. Take care folks and keep the the excellent stories coming!

- Penurious Penguin

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Dear Soulskill & Slashdot Kin - Farewell

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  • Sorry to see you go, you made some good submissions.

    I'm assuming this is in response to your recent submission [] about Kim Jong Un, and yes, I was the one who cleared it from the firehose. For clarity's sake, I'll explain the process in a bit more detail.

    Every day at Slashdot, we get hundreds of submissions. We editors cull those down to about 20-30 that make it to the front page, and then a few dozen more that float around in the submission bin for a while as "maybes" -- sometimes to check facts, sometimes t

    • by unitron ( 5733 )

      Are you including those who have only made one submission, but had that one submission posted?

      • by Soulskill ( 1459 ) Works for Slashdot

        Sort of; I'm sure there are a bunch of users like that, but (again, off the top of my head) I can't name one. When a user submits regularly, they'll become familiar to me pretty quickly. When a user submits once and disappears, it's like trying to remember the name of somebody you were introduced to a year ago and then never saw again.

  • How do I get back to the original journal entry to which all of these comments are in reply?

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