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Journal Marxist Hacker 42's Journal: Well, Obama has killed my contract 8

As I wondered if it would happen. The uncertainty created means the telecom I've been hired out to has decided to cut contractor dollars out of the budget- I wonder how long they'll be able to continue taking orders on this ancient VB6/SQL ordering system that is already giving me a full time job trying to keep it running. They've got about 60% of the functionality already replaced with web apps though, so I think they'll do ok, releasing new web apps as needed when functionality breaks.

Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt rule the end of the American Empire, and out of the ruins I see distributism growing.

So in the comments section, I would appreciate recommendations for cheap-to-free development tools and cheap training for the following:
1. Android and iOS platforms- because I think Windows 8 is going to turn into the stinking turd that finally kills Microsoft
2. SQL Lite - I think, but I'm not sure, that is the database that links those two platforms
3. Recommendations between Azure, Amazon, and Google cloud development; because I've got a drop dead easy two database table non-relational cloud project ready to go that would make an excellent training project (and eventually maybe even some recurring license fees).

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Well, Obama has killed my contract

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  • I hope you are right about distributism. I think the closest we can get to that in the U.S. is in the typical small company if it is employee-owned, and I've always been happiest and most productive at small companies myself. Right now I'm consulting for a fairly small telecom firm (iDirect) and so far it's been great.

    I can't make any recommendations on any of those technologies because they are all outside of my wheelhouse. I'd be really interested in doing Android development myself, but it seems the prim

    • I don't know what the future holds, but I find it interesting that within minutes of updating my resume, and before I even had a definite end date, I had 4 recruiters call.

      I responded with the definite end date (December 12), potential interview dates (December 13 & 14), and updated resume status.

      God is still in charge I guess. We'll see if I can pull a raise out of it all.

      • Sounds good. I was looking for work for a ridiculously long time this time around before I found a good match. Fortunately, I was still employed at the time.

        • I played that game from 2001-2003, it wasn't fun.

          With 17 years in the industry though, less than 6 hours after I found out I've already been submitted for five positions. I think it may not be long- and I've got, I figure, 14 days to land another job if I want NO break in my income.

          But a break might be nice. I might finally get the CLcloud (code name) off the ground- and that has *massive* licensing potential among certain religions.

  • Maybe God's delivering you from your VB6 hell? :) Seriously, that dates back to 1998 IIRC, and it's about to be 15 years later! (I'm so glad that this year at work we finally got off of Visual SourceSafe 6.0. And dropped SQL Server 2000 compatibility. And IE6 compatibility.)

    I for one will be betting big on Windows 8. First of all, MS just seems to have a panache for ubiquity. When I was still doing Windows C++ programming, I was on the fence between learning Java or C# next. I wasn't sure if .NET was even g

    • And now I see there was a Slashdot article on "BYOD" earlier today. We'll see if dual-personality is secure enough and virtualization on ARM is performant enough. (I haven't read TFA; maybe tomorrow.)

    • Active Directory is already in iOS and Android, you just need the right VPN. But that's not why I want to make the leap to Android.

      The reason I want to make the leap to Android is I see Windows 8 as playing catchup while *severely* curtailing compatibility for legacy aps. As you say, that is probably a good thing- lord knows ActiveX Dll Hell was way too complex- but to match profitability with a smaller market share, Microsoft is going to have to charge larger licensing fees than Google- and we all know w

  • This re-iteration of the 1930s is going to be a test of how well we've laid up treasure in heaven, beyond the reach of the government.
    Of more immediate practicality: Lord, please bless MH42 with employment. Amen.

"Yeah, but you're taking the universe out of context."