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Journal Not Just Phones Any More: Unveiling Slashdot Mobile for Tablets 3

(A message from Gaurav Kuchhal (Head of Product, Slashdot)

Getting beta all the time ...
We're proud to announce the final beta version of our mobile site. Now, from both your smartphone and your tablet, you can read Slashdot and interact with the community.

Over the past several weeks, we've been hard at work building this mobile site and releasing it to you in stages. Your comments (hundreds!) and feedback on the alpha version have driven its design.

What's new in this beta?
  • Notifications: Did someone reply to your comment? Was your story submittal approved? Now you can see all these updates in one place.
  • Firehose: Quickly skim through the latest story submissions and vote on your favorites. Also, submit new stories directly from your phone or tablet.
  • Richer Profile: Want to learn more about another user? Now you can tap on any username and quickly see past story submissions and comments. Tap 'Friend' or 'Foe' to follow their updates.
  • Friend's Activities: Keep up with the latest activities from your friends and foes, from their story submissions to comments.

Anything big I should know?
Since we're geeks, we purposely built a mobile site using the latest open web technologies, but compatibility with hundreds of mobile devices is still challenging with HTML5. Since carriers don't always update their devices with the latest browser software, if you are using an Android device, we recommend using the Chrome browser directly from Google, not the version packaged with your handset. If you are using an iOS device, we recommend using iOS version 6.

What's next?
We're always polishing and refining the functionality of the site, so before we move to v1.0 we want to make sure we've addressed any pressing issues that you find. It's easy to join in the beta from any supported mobile device: just load up and start reading. If you find any problems or have ideas for improvement, please use this survey form to give feedback.

(And as always, you can fire complaints and suggestions about all aspects of the site to

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Not Just Phones Any More: Unveiling Slashdot Mobile for Tablets

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