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Journal nullard's Journal: Submitted: Oregon Law Would Jail War Protesters as Terrorist 9

I just submitted the following article. If it is rejected, feel free to have discussion here.

Oregon is considering a law that would label protestors who disrupt traffic as terrorists. They would face 25 to life. So much for freedom of assembly. According to the article even the police union is opposed to this one.

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Submitted: Oregon Law Would Jail War Protesters as Terrorist

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  • Without stating my attitude re: war, because it really has nothing to do with this: (whee!)

    1st amendment> "or the right of the people peaceably to assemble"

    There is a valid case to be made that disrupting traffic (including ambulances and other emergency vehicles) is not 'peaceably' assembling. Just cos you aren't hitting people doesn't mean you're being peaceful.

    Calling yourself a protester doesn't give you a blank check to trespass or block traffic. You look like a kid throwing a tantrum, "I won't s
    • What would you call it?

      I'd call it obstructing traffic.

      I'd assume there is already a law against obstructing traffic, and that is the law that should be used against them. Somehow I doubt obstructing traffic carries a 25 to life sentence.

      Why the heck is everyone so busy trying to pass NEW laws against things that are ALREADY illegal? At least this time they didn't add "on the internet" to an old law.

    • And what they're doing is comparable to hostage-taking. It is brute and petty.

      See, it's really not (comparable to hostage-taking, that is) and the fact that you would compare the two at all speaks volumes about how ridiculously coddled people in this country (I'm assuming you're also an American) really are.

      I'm not sure I agree with protesters who block traffic, but it's hardly terrorism they're committing. They're not blowing up buildings, they're not physically attacking people: this isn't exactly
      • really not (comparable to hostage-taking, that is) and the fact that you would compare the two at all

        "I will obstruct you and keep you here until you bow to our wishes."

        There are already laws on the books for blocking traffic, why not use those to arrest people and give them six months in jail to think about it?

        Ask the police that.

        no one in this country can take any hardship at all anymore

        There's a difference between the hardships that stem from the war and the hardships that stem from people's
        • "I will obstruct you and keep you here until you bow to our wishes."

          Yea, that's just like hostage-taking commited by terrorist organizations, except in this case you have the power to get out of your car and kick some hippie ass until they go away. Certainly, in the strictest sense, you could use the word "hostage", but I'm sure people who have actually been held hostage at gunpoint would claim that there's a slight difference in the two circumstances.

          Ask the police that.

          You mean why they don't
  • The Toronto Police Services Board (Civilian body that controls the Police Department), along with the Toronto Police Department are trying to convince city council to adopt a similar measure. They want protesters to register first with the Police department, and get a permit for a protest by the police.

    Without even mentioning that this goes againt the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, it also makes it quite simple for the Police to stop protests which they don't agree with. For example, OCAP [] can f
  • by mattACK ( 90482 )
    THIS is why I joined the ACLU. They may take on strange cases from time to time, but you can always rest assured that they will take on evil like this.
  • The problem here is NOT that they want to punish people who disrupt a public road while protesting, but that they want to lock you up for 25 years to life. THAT part is unconsitutional, ya know the whole excessive punishment thing? in any event you do not have the right to clog streets with your protests, sure you can demonstrate peacefully but the second you cause the distrubance to another person you are violating THEIR rights and as such should be punished.

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