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Kelley and Khawam are Israeli Agents - Broadwell ID'd Them

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  • He just reminds me of all those tin-pot dictators [] wearing the phony medals on their chests, trying to hit the big the USA []

    • You should come to the RSA conference, or GovSec sometime. Little colonel birds in the breakout sessions, with confetti on their starched, left-breast - from neck to belt.

      In the business world, these are the Sr. Managers collecting paperweights and letter-openers, instead of pseudo-glory. (note: is their any other kind of "glory"?)

      But there's always some dumb sycophants around them at the bar, in the hotel. Skinny white ladies, especially.

  • The story was just getting so tame.
    Can you fit in Vladimir Putin, a midget, and a duck?
    • Can you fit in Vladimir Putin, a midget, and a duck?

      Judging from the look of Ms Kelley, you could definitely fit in Vladimir Putin, a midget and a duck and have room left over for Ron Jeremy.

Top Ten Things Overheard At The ANSI C Draft Committee Meetings: (1) Gee, I wish we hadn't backed down on 'noalias'.