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Journal HomelessInLaJolla's Journal: 121114 (La Jolla, CA, 92037, war v6.080)

War in La Jolla, sixth year, eightieth entry

The distinction between Ninevah and Sodom and Gomorrah represents a number of transitions in the operation of the booger population on the planet. As noted in the history section of BSM (hairpinblue.wikispaces.com) the wet booger lemmings leaving the pyramid projects were all supposed to go to the dogs and eventually die out on a world full of water. Instead they progressed through plumbing in Ninevah and began experimenting with advanced late stage semi-synthetic surgically modified models, killed Zechariah (get out of the way old man), and worked their way into self-motoring replicating chambers and such. A sufficient amount of time working with the Zechariah offshoots produced wire technology and eventually wireless technology. Zechariah represented a change in overall psychology,"It was never supposed to become this bad. I don't know how to help you. You need to make fast." (that is also mentioned on the author page for mapfortu) "Please go away." That turned into,"Get out of the way, old man!" Yes, the joke on Adam (Adam, we just can't help you anymore. We've done everything we could possibly do to you inside of this temple. We cannot possibly give to you any more heroin or chickens for your debt. You'll probably need to go out there and do it for the money with the rest of them) was never supposed to reach the atrocity level it did, at least not in the minds of the people writing the set of rules coded on Stonehenge.

The rules. That's stonehenge. Everything after that is script kiddies playing around with their adaptations. If you're not a kernel programmer then you are nothing more than a macro monkey. The rearrangement of the rules around woodhenge to allow for a worldwide network of Ninevah's was kinda neat, but then Ninevah turned into Sodom and Gomorrah, and it's all double blind rearrangement from there.

So those above and below Zechariah, of more right mind than those of wrong mind, went for full,"Well, fine, if that's how bad it is then we're going to try the Lord, because we hate it, and we can't stand it anymore, and if there is a true Lord then we're going to make it as bad as possible and end it all!!!" That turns into carrot on a stick push button voting popularity contest fourth waiver system. After a few rotations of the carnival, in order to have the population reliably accept the notion, you need to kill of their sensitivities with porn--dead people. After enough time in wired Sodom and Gomorrah you have internet technologies to help.

The three-to-five hundred year carnival system is a progressive mounting of history to this point in the effort to make things as bad as possible.

How do you find death's door? Follow the money, honey. Any which way but the Lord's. No, that would be too much, you could never take that. Are you on the way out or the way in? You're on the way in, honey, keep going! I told you stupids to stay out of that mine. Now look at you. You all have mine disease, cannot forgive and need to get more.

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121114 (La Jolla, CA, 92037, war v6.080)

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