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Journal Penurious Penguin's Journal: Fully Open A13-OLinuXino Single-Board Linux Device (Yes, again) 5

I figured I'd submit this one last time (in journal) since the last two seem to have been rejected. I was quite intrigued by this device, especially since it appears to resolve some previously debated concerns regarding the openness of the Raspberry Pi. This final submission (via journal) is primarily in hopes of either receiving a comment (or two) as to why it is unworthy, or perhaps alternatively, some nods this time around. I was genuinely pleased to discover it, hence the persistence.

See Submission:

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Fully Open A13-OLinuXino Single-Board Linux Device (Yes, again)

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  • by we3 ( 546328 )

    Everyone has seen dozens of these boards being promoted by trolls who have some sort of crazy idea why the raspberry pi is bad. I've seen this board before, but last time i checked it wasn't ready, where as the raspberry pi was. It doesn't address all of the concerns of the referenced story. Linking to that previous story makes your current submission look trollish.

    That said, this is actually the best of the mentioned alternatives. Most suggested alternatives to the raspberry pi use a allwinner a10(bga chip

    • Thanks for that reply; it explains all I was hoping for. I'm not partial -- or even knowledgeable -- regarding any particular device. Actually, when I saw the Xino, my interest peaked for both. Again, thank you for the thorough reply.
  • That was me; there have been so many single board computers that basically amount to "give us money on our kickstarter" that my eyes kind of glazed over that one. But, it's being posted now.

    • Thanks for the reply; the submission was entirely benevolent, and actually, the starting point for my interest in such devices, which is now significant. Another reader replied too, and I now clearly understand why people stayed away.

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