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Journal HomelessInLaJolla's Journal: 121110 (La Jolla, CA, 92037, war v6.077)

War in La Jolla, sixth year, seventy-seventh entry

Would you teach a child to hold their breath for no other purpose than to spook on people? Well, once they twist up into a dog, then they finally learn that they're not supposed to hold their breath like that. As a normal citizen, working for a living, would you expect that the mad million dollar mobbers are wasting themselves holding their breath on very exacting trained timings for no other purpose than spooking on people? That's exactly how it's done--that and the lists of hate. Once your list of hate has been manicured then you are able to decide which ones get twenty second hits, fifteen second hits, thirty second hits, or even go for broke. That sort of thing.

For a dollar would you let a dog jizz on your face? It's stupid. That's what they do. For a disney dollar, even, a dollar which will be spent for you before you even leave the room--but they do it. Then they spend their lives holding their breath on people.

No way to prove it but, the previous three occasions on which I have been awakened by a police officer, each occasion has been a night cold enough for me to use my sleeping bag. That's statistically significant for me because, of the past five times I have taken out the sleeping bag (doesn't happen often, dog mobbers, idiots, etc.), three have them have seen a police officer. When I decide to use my sleeping bag that's like a signal to the million dollar dog-faggot anti-breathing haters (book of Ezekiel, prophet as watchman, "You're holding your breath, stupid") that they have me cornered and that I won't be able to walk away easily. This morning featured a "illegal lodging" ticket. That's funny. Was he even a real police officer? The phonies have phoney police. If the phoney police write a ticket then you have the option to try and chicken it but they have ways for inserting paperwork into the court stack. If the phoney police manage to cuff you and bring you to central then, as in Han Solo and Luke Skywalker heading for the death star, it's an old code but Central will check you in and allow the system deal with it. The officer this morning didn't ask for a Social Security number--in the consideration of phoney police it's possible that, should they be identified as impersonating a police officer, then having asked for your social security number could put them at risk. He had the van, though, so I decided to sign the ticket as he was dead set on insisting, immediately, that if I didn't sign the ticket then it was going to jail and allow the judge to sort it out. Without any valid ID on file inside the police department (passport still valid with the State Department, if necessary) and no official signature material anywhere the process of retrieving my belongings from property would be difficult if at all possible. "not guilty, not guilty, not guilty". I don't even have the paperwork for a W-4. Gonna take more than a speeding ticket on the road to work in the morning to cause any real trouble for me.

Stop holding your breath like that. If you die with your brain frozen you will never get rid of that last breath--and then we'll make you walk around and view the life you could have had with that stale air stuck between your ears. The MRI neural net will still be able to coax your diaphragm to make noise if we so choose.


Roni Size, Ghetto Celebrity, "hold your breath"
Kid Rock, Fuck Off, slim shady, "tell the world to hold their breath"

Occurs to me that, in the million dollar performance review system, there is a pass-out competition. Enter in pairs, the person which begins breathing first is subjected to full review, the person witch "won" the "hold your breath" contest is allowed a somewhat truncated performance review. Probably doesn't work out any easier for them...

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121110 (La Jolla, CA, 92037, war v6.077)

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