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Journal southpolesammy's Journal: Saddam is either badly injured or dead 1

The more we hear from Saddam's stoolie, Iraqi Information Minister al-Sahaf, and less of Saddam himself, it reinforces the thoughts in all of our minds here in America that Saddam Hussein is either too badly injured to go on television and admit that we are literally beating his regime to pieces, or he is dead.

Either way, it will not cause us to cease our mission to remove his regime from power, and it forces his remaining comrades into a slow death rather than allow them to realize the futility of continuing this one-sided war.

Face it Saddam, or whomever is currently running the country -- it's over. You've lost, and now you will pay for the atrocities that you've inflicted upon your own people, as well as that of the innocentia whose lives you've destroyed around the world through your sponsorship of terrorism. Give up now, and spare the lives of your people, who are undoubtedly dying in mass numbers to maintain your tyrannical reign. Your life is already forfeit, don't continue to subject others to your fate.

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Saddam is either badly injured or dead

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  • Actually, if you think about it, the statements we keep hearing from al-Sahaf about how coalition forces haven't taken this city, aren't near Baghdad, haven't done this, haven't done sounds like the Black Knight from Monty Python's Holy Grail.

    King Arthur: Look you stupid bastard! Your arm's off!

    Black Knight: No it isn't.

    King Arther: LOOK!

    Black Knight: Tis just a flesh wound...

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