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Journal HomelessInLaJolla's Journal: 121108 (La Jolla, CA, 92037, war v6.075)

War in La Jolla, sixth year, seventy-fifth entry

Supply drop well received. That'll keep the rats at bay for a few months. Now I must sew this material and bolt it on tight. Would you believe that I am so far behind in sewing that I do not have another wallet ready? I must sew a new wallet before I am able to sew the new wallet to the new pantaloons.

MRI cannon. Experimenting with suddenly quiet moments in the middle of the "host(el)ile environment" and "sound board" (push button events on timely coincidence... that's how you ramp somebody up to 25000 cues in a day--push button on everything) reveals that "fake light the cigarette" no longer works. But, however, if I hold the cigarette and the lighter as if in a lighting position in front of my field of vision and then squeeze my thumb muscle as if hitting the trigger... the timely coincidence sound board events pick up right on time, like the exact moment. Imagine an OS of events, like click mapping on an image, set to watch your MRI pattern for "field of vision appears to have cigarette with lighter at the tip and the thumb muscle depresses, , , , NOW." For hours last night. See, I began to be able to give off compressions of air, that's not me talking, that's the Lord telling me which boogers are closest to being kicked out (deep brain boogers require more OOMPH!), and they don't like that. They don't like more than five seconds of quiet, because it reminds them of waiting to make the next character assessment cut, but they don't like it if you make more noise or if their noise isn't bothering you. Anyway, after pumping them up with the fireworks BOOMS to the point where they can't refuse but to keep running their mob full steam waiting for each and every next available opportunity to bang that push-button... yes, it's all MRI. The same works with my pipe. Even if not even holding the smoking pipe anywhere near an inhalation area, simply holding the pipe in the proper finger pattern, squeezing the thumb muscle for the lighter, and then I must actually inhale--if I don't inhale then the $event, whatever it happens to be, does not go off. If I add then inhale then it's next car horn, or next people waiting to begin yelling and shouting. Maybe it's all a real redirected system. They don't even know what they're yelling at. They don't even know why the wire is telling them to wait a few moments on flex time before hitting the car alarm. But the wire system does.

Fifth element, that guy with the glasses which manages that chamber? Those are the people who make dreams happen baby.

How do you create the man with the withered hand? Gospel, man withered hand. How does he get that? Well, what you do is you cut a z-plasty in his thumb down by the heel of the thumb, and that causes the tip of the thumb to go numb or at least lose a significant amount of sensitivity. Then you graft some of the hairs from his ring finger to various areas under his neck, his chest, and his right arm. Then you profile which frequencies make those hairs tick and tickle and itch. Then you tie a little band of scar contracture over the bottom of his palm where those lines come down in the middle. Then you make the hairs itch and tickle with the proper frequencies. When he goes to itch or feel them he will use the heel of his thumb and not the tip, because the tip is numb, and that makes him prone to tucking that thumb up and under rather than holding it straight where it belongs. That, along with other injuries up and down the arm, create the withered hand.

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121108 (La Jolla, CA, 92037, war v6.075)

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