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Journal HomelessInLaJolla's Journal: 121107 (La Jolla, CA, 92037, war v6.074)

War in La Jolla, sixth year, seventy-fourth entry

Zechariah again. Gospel zechariah. His name was really jezechariah. Then he went in for a performance review and they knocked out his "j" and he couldn't get his brain started on his own name. Then he encounters "john" who teaches him how to say that again and his tongue was loosed. But he couldn't be jezechariah anymore--they had to rename him judas to get him out of the trouble he was in (because he shat his pants upon being tested by the angel, ie. fail). John goes on to become Saul, Judas hangs himself trying to come up with the final twenty shekels to pay off his debt (which would have been at least partly ameliorated had he not shat his pants, ie. fail), and Saul goes on to become Paul. Except there is no "j", so figure it out according to the INRI system.

Sewing. Paid rent, top rent paid, re-fringe-erated, falconer's arm, cuffed, colonel's wings _and_ angel's wings, and now barbed wire on the cuffs. What have you to show for all of your work? Oh, a few dollars and lots of brain damage. You'll never make the points that count. Work equals force over distance. You have push-buttons, I have wings, and I have a record of my work which integrates quite well over both distance and time.

I don't read ahead. Today's gospel scripture features Jesus speaking on the tower of lies system. Important syllables to note from Paul's letter are related to pouring out of the tomb--which none of you are yet doing.

Noah's flood. Many many interpretations. One of the interpretations, as zechariah (old school soapie zechariah, not the gospel painted jezechariah) was the final soap pokie staffing the sphinx outpost until the adonis got together with the concubines to perfect the concubine's timing (well, in modern day, the conventional wisdom runs that hte bicycle is the adonis and the automobile the adonis which motors itself, and we all know babies are brought up on the stork, so self-motoring is male climax timing... but figure the twists and turns between the truth and perceived reality) and killed off zechariah who was steadfast in insisting that, due to the nature of the soap pokie with the miracle knowing the relationship between tools of technology and rehabilitative procedures to remedy situations caused by improper or accidental use of such tools of technology, the whole mutilation-for-money to buy heroin and chickens was never supposed to achieve the state of cross-inter-dual-and-permutative gender adaptations. Adonai were flabbergasted that he would dare challenge them (even in Ninevah the loseths were primarily adonai and all the "wild animal" males were well managed in he-man jobs) their authority and the concubines just wanted to be able to get it right for once, so zechariah's moral stand of values and observance of the value of human life was meaningless to them. Get out of the way, old man! Then, when the hand won't stop moving (he's not dead yet), cut the damn thing off and tell him to get back to work!

Well, anyway, one of Noah's flood interpretations is that Noah's flood _WAS_ the tear gas and bleach switch. The cleanup from the tear gas and bleach produced the starting material for this world of alcoholic beverages and the vulcanization component for automobile tires. So, really, the only possible safety catch which could possibly have been left would be related to a wire meltdown of some nature or another. Maybe all of the wire-dependants will suddenly find themselves completely scatterbrained (as if they aren't already dog-child-monkey-chickenbrains) that they will march off into the ocean like lemmings. Either that or, as a hazard emergency national disaster procedure, we cart them all of at once in busses. As a logistical emergency response hazard planning scenario... somebody should really consider that: how many busses would it take and where would we contract them from? To cart all of these morons off all at once and just be done with it. All of these Waco reject refugees. They were too cowardly to properly martyr themselves for their right to dog-child sexual deviancy in Waco, so they scattered and then collected here in La Jolla, CA.

They have this neurological problem. They cannot determine the difference between a damned sinner and an human baby. They sexually gratify their damned sinners with their knife raped speechless babies (think of David's little cozy-session with the servant girl which made him a little happier for a few more years, and compare that with Hezekiah's fifteen year extension likely being the date he was rolled into a pooch). What are they good for? For seven years, every day, they do nothing but bring their dogs to shit all over the midtown La Jolla area and leave trash and human feces everywhere. There are four or five areas which are deliberately manicured with human feces now... new pile, wait a week or two or if it happens to rain or get cleaned up, and then the pile is replaced, on time, every time, for years now. It's stupid.

Every day forty or fifty people, nobodies, daily extras, complete strangers, somehow know to exit the 5, exit Torrey Pines, and drive into the midtown La Jolla area just to bring their dog to shit on the front lawn of this little suburban church known as Mstar. What the hell is that, a hate group? Every day, for years now, forty or fifty morons, complete strangers, people who live nowhere near this area, people who have never been here before and will never be here again... somehow they all know to exit the 5, exit Torrey Pines, and bring their dog to shit on the front lawn of the church office. That's a hate group.

And that's not counting, then, the additional number which do the exact same thing to the entire midtown La Jolla area. For years. Every day, all of these nobodies, strangers, people with no other business in the area but to park their car, bring their dog out, shit everywhere, and then leave. Is there a sign on the 5 somewhere saying "dog shit park, exit 2 miles"?


In the list of accolades (for which I qualify and, if any, you have the store bought with joke money editions) I also have the admiralty cuffs, complete with the sticks and clips mast-stick with crow's nest methodology.


Basically this is an example of what these people are all about. That's not a demon known as "azazel" being passed by touch between the people (is it that particular scene or another one in the movie on the sidewalk when they mob him into anxiety driven idiocy?), that is the group of wire idiot phonies witch make a game out of doing such things to their appointed target of the moment, depending upon how many pressure points are desired to be applied. Once you simply accept that they do these things, that they do those nasty things for money, and do those other nasty things for rehab, and then participate in these nasty idiocies as normal course of business, then they are much easier to cope with. Essentially they are the clown in the sewar from Stephen King's "IT". They are also, at the finality of the movie "IT", the equivalent of the starry-eyed child-ego idiots raising up the heart of the enormous spider from the center of the sewar--that is, perpetually, their mentality. That starry-eyed "we have the talisman" look.

They're on a fast train to somewhere...

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121107 (La Jolla, CA, 92037, war v6.074)

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