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I was mostly correct on the final EC tally; except that the names were reversed

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  • I went to a party a friend had to hang out on election night. I didn't hang around long as I didn't see the point in staying up overnight to see results come in. I just went to bed and woke up to find out who won. But I think some of my buddies just wanted to have an excuse to hang out a bit. When I left at midnight our time there still weren't any results in of any worth.

    Anyhow - there was a pool on EC votes and pretty much everybody was in your camp. I think Nate Silver had a good thing going so I

    • I'm so glad America has the fake black man to deliver rhetorical falsehood for four years, instead of the white psychopath. It will make so much difference to the children dying under the rubble of US bombing, and to the domestic subjects of an expanding police-state.

      The problem is, the wrong person was voted in as president in 2008 - the country should have elected Jeremiah Wright.

  • The chance to prove you wrong has been denied. Betrayal and treachery will prevail. And your faith shall remain unshaken.

    However, congratulations are in order,
    First to mass media and Madison Avenue, which stills holds complete control over the hearts and minds, for completely and utterly disenfranchising the civil libertarians and alternative parties and candidates, and making sure it went right down the comfy middle. True professionals in every way.

    And second and most importantly, the voting public, for m

    • If my faith in Jesus of Nazareth were shaken, I should probably lose rationality along with my spirit, and fall into animalistic State worship.

      Never before has the chance for real change been squandered so decisively,

      The third rail is not Social Security, but rather the rail that must remain politically un-named: the Federal Reserve. That Romney never mentioned it as far as I can remember indicates to me that he'd be a manager of decline, rather than a reformer. And I'm not so sure Romney's defeat was too

      • I was talking about your faith in Romney and the system.

        Ah, back into your cage of the narrative:
        The republic lost interest in keeping us a long time ago, almost before the ink on the contract was dry, but that's only because we let manipulation and psychological 'massaging' overcome critical thinking. Not that it hasn't always been that way since your Adam and Eve thing, but this was supposed to be the grand experiment. You are absolutely right about the mandate. There is none. The country still remains br

        • Why, again, was my faith ever pointed at Romney? Never was. (a) when I use the 'f' word, the scope is religious, spiritual. (b) Romney was never going to be other than a centrist. If BHO has any regard for his party, one hopes he'll consider that 'revenge' against the ~1/2 who don't fancy his ideology, along with further exconomic beatings, could trigger a backlash. Or Stockholm Syndrome.

          On your federal reserve hangups

          Two ways to separate you from your property: taxation, and inflation.
          The tax power is Co

  • And I'm still depressed about it. Been Depressed About It Since Halloween.

  • I've been on record with family and coworkers since before the debates, when the thought came to me and I predicted that America will never elect another Republican for president ever again.

    And for those who don't like that it's been two parties that have dominated American politics for so long, most would be happy to hear that Republican voter registration had already begun shrinking, and won't stop until it's around the size and stature of today's Libertarian party.

    • Well, maybe if they reverse course and work to uphold civil liberties, instead of suppressing them, they might have a chance. But as long as the democrats share the same authoritarianism, who needs republicans?

      • I could make an argument about the difference between hedonism and liberty, but the broader political point is that the Democrats (and to a lesser extent, my own SoCons) have corrupted our libertarian-flavored federal Constitution with hormonal hooey.
        Credit where due: tricking people into 'crotch voting' was brilliant. Diabolical, but brilliant.
        • ibid []

          • As long as America runs according to the rules of Southern politics, economics and culture, we're no longer free citizens exercising our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as we've always understood them. Instead, we're being treated like serfs on Massa's plantation -- and increasingly, we're being granted our liberties only at Massa's pleasure. Welcome to Plantation America.

            I'll grant that there are those who view the 1787 U.S. Constitution itself as some kind of divinely inspired docum

            • 'the Massa' is the federal government

              uhh-huh...Okay sure.. Better watch out, they're comin' to getcha!

              • In particular, if your name is Nakoula. George Zimmerman has felt heat recently, too.
                It's a bad thing to be a useful tool for the regime, as a scapegoat in the former case, or race bait in the latter.

"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." -- Will Rogers