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Obama A Disaster for Black America

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  • This is for the assholes who keep on insisting that we vote for the 'lesser evil' (there's a few of them out in genpop, also):

    ...Voting Republican is out of the question, that's like chickens lining up for Popeye's. If you believe that your vote IS your voice, voting for Democrats who murder civilians, who allow the banks to plunder the economy, who won't address unemployment and want to privatize education and everything in sight is a similar kind of volunteered slavery.

    All the talk about "strategic votin

    • "Say it loud.. "

      At least, while it still means anything at all.

    • This is for the assholes who keep on insisting that we vote for the 'lesser evil'

      A wonderful sentiment. But useless until you can come up with practical alternatives. Meanwhile, enjoy the government you so richly deserve.
      • The practical alternative to vote for the alternatives that are 'hidden' in plain sight on the damn ballot. I do not understand the difficulty.* The people who vote for the 'lesser evil' do get the government they deserve, but what about the rest of us who actually stand up? Should we lose our basic rights because they can vote them away? It only points to a fatal flaw of majority rule.

        *I do, but it's not a political thing. It's a pathological illness of the human psyche. Recognition of that just puts me ev

        • In the Soviets, people complained, because there was only one choice on the ballot.

          In the "west" they are complacent, because there are two...

        • Should we lose our basic rights because they can vote them away? It only points to a fatal flaw of majority rule.

          That's how non-Proportional Representative democracy works. Instead of complaining, work on the upgrade.
          • We are the 'system', and it is working as designed. The only real workable upgrade is the dissolution of authority, but most people don't find that very palatable. They would have to give up their authority over their own personal little fiefdoms that they want to expand into others. It's the proverbial monkey trap. My whole point has always been that we built the cage we live in. I prefer not to be locked up in somebody else's. It's not really a complaint as much as it is an observation, shared by very fe

          • I beg your pardon for getting so far offtopic. If I was complaining, it's more about the idiots who expect me to play along with this 'lesser evil' BS and try to tell me that a vote against Obama is a vote for Romney, or that voting for Nader was a vote for Bush. Fuck all that. Let them go yell at the people who are voting for Romney, and quit trying to lay the guilt trip on me. I believe, if I am not mistaken, that is the point of this JE. I will vote for my favorite candidate with a clear conscious, and I

      • You'll get fucked, with the same corporate spike up your arse, Obomba or Romeney.

        Different rhetoric for the unwanted and unneeded "reforms" to the social programs you already paid for. Different prejudices to confiscate your labor and property in service of large multinationals.

        But the same shit. Romneycare of Mass is Obamacare of USA. And there's only false rhetoric as falls between them.

  • There is no black America. There is rich America and poor America. Race is a tool of the rich to keep the poor at each others' throats so they don't threaten the real force that keeps them down.

    • What are "rich" and "poor" but class warfare tools, along with race?
      Give me liberty, and equality of opportunity, and the necessary, enumerated, limited government to protect liberty and opportunity.
      The poor people are not "at each others' throats". Nice myth.
    • But there was. :-)

      There were cultural distinctions that were meaningful - yet broadly inclusive. These have been reduced to a branch of consumer options, like most things. The "urban" market.

      But the great human and civil rights expansion from grassroots grew from the black American community - and had roots in its church, the sabotage of its earlier viable economic segment (Harlem 1890-1929) and the traditions from struggle by Plessy, DuBois, Dredd-Scott, etc.

      There was non-black basis, Debs and more... B

      • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

        Was, not is. These days "urban culture" has been replaced by ghetto/prison culture. Poor whites and poor blacks are pretty much alike these days.

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