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Journal blue trane's Journal: Hump 1 bluemonk-honkytonk.wav or .ogg

At about 18 to 19.5 seconds, I got that hump in the bass that I want all the time. Again, for a beat, at 27. or .ogg

Trying to do it at the tempo of

Screwed up at 17.5, played a G instead of an F in the melody. Concentrating on getting the bass riff that Monk does in that clip...

Also maybe pushed the beat a little, unintentionally, around 10.

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  • Hey, not bad!

    We have some synchronicity, blue trane. Last night I played "Little Rootie Tootie" with quartet that plays over on Division Street every Monday. I don't have the chops to play a whole set with them yet, but they let me sit in for a few tunes on my chromatic harmonica, ala Toots Theilemans (praise be His name).

    I'm trying to work up 'Round Midnight, but that's not a song you can play half-assed, so I've still got lots of work to do. Learning a new instrument as an adult has been a wonderful t

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