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Journal damn_registrars's Journal: I laughed, and then I cried 23

First, I laughed that anyone would think they could pull off such an absurd stunt. Then, I cried when I realized that tragically some people mistook it for being connected to reality.

I'm referring to the "documentary" Dreams from my real father, which claims that Barack Hussein Obama Jr is the son of Frank Marshall Davis, who they allege to be a leader of the American Communist Party. To make it even more exciting, the film claims that Obama's mom and "dad" met while the latter was filming a porno starring the former.

So to get this straight, the documentary - which is today the 14th most-popular instant title on netflix - alleges:
  • Obama's mom was a porno actress
  • Obama's real dad was a communist
  • Obama's name and official identity are lies - right down to the birth certificate that lists him as "Barack Hussein Obama Jr".

I'm just waiting to find someone who subscribes to both this crackpot "theory" and the birther movement, since the two can obviously not both be true. Of course, birthers won't let something like reality or logic get in their way...

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I laughed, and then I cried

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  • I think that BHO himself owns a chunk of that silliness, given his bogus literary biography [].
    • Don't you know the corollary of Godwin that states any link to automatically loses the argument?

      • Why, no: but I will allow that this is a splendid means of silencing opposition, rather than offering a counter-argument.
        • rather than offering a counter-argument.

          Do tell! But for you... *golf clap* Dissing a lying gossiper is not equivalent to trying to silence him. Or does the simple refusal to patronize him constitute as censorship these days?

          Elections are won on lies. Even Romney might be able to pull it off. He's just gotta pump up the charisma a tiny bit. So really, hearing all this rehashing of Obama's BS is very amusing. The best liar gets the job.

          Tuesday's tomorrow, dude...

          • The math seems to bear out that, as liars go, #OccupyResoluteDesk is the most expensive liar in history.
            Will Romney prove a more economical lying swine?
            Perhaps not, but my guess is that, unlike the BHO case, we'll actually have a budget.
            To make us feel better about the lies, you understand.
            So there's that.
      • Don't you know the corollary of Godwin that states any link to automatically loses the argument?

        And what does that mean for this brilliant slashdot front page article than linked to [] a while back?

    • I have but one question for you. You stated

      BHO himself

      Why do you insist on referring to Obama as BHO? Many people who I have seen use that acronym chose it to remind people that Obama's middle name is Hussein - as if perhaps to suggest that he is in cahoots with the likes of Saddam Hussein - while I spelled out his full name to show how ridiculous the documentary's "argument" is.

      And don't say that the previous president GWB give you precedent, because the previous president was the son of a former president hen

    • by unitron ( 5733 )

      And as we all know, literary agents (and whoever works for them) never, ever, get anything confused or wrong.

      • Sure, and then their errors don't sit around for over a decade, only to be magically caught by the pre-campaign scrub.
        Furthermore, Obama is made of solid teflon, for all no responsibility can cling to him.
        Sadly, the opportunities to watch Obama partake of his falsehoods in public, like his Rose Garden remarks of 9/12 that BHO got to eat at last night's debate, are too few.
        • Furthermore, Obama is made of solid teflon, for all no responsibility can cling to him.

          You guys had the ultimate teflon candidate [en] running for the nomination, and rejected him. Instead you went for a master flip-flopper and you have only yourselves to blame.

          That said, there are plenty of problems sticking to Obama. He failed to reform health care, for one. He hasn't closed Guantanamo, for another. And we still are at war in Afghanistan (and arguably still in Iraq as well, just not officially) as well.

          The difference, though, is that Romney wouldn't have done any better at any of those

          • On top of that, Romney's tax plan will make unemployment worse and make economic progression an impossible dream for even more people than who it already it such.
            *cough* Laffer Curver [] *cough*, or as I put in on Twitter []

            #Debates BHO is right. The Reagan Administration didn't happen. This talk of Ron is just a sordid Rovian plot. #RaiseTaxesNow

            • *cough* Laffer Curver *cough*, or as I put in on Twitter

              Except the Laffer Curve applies only when you have a single tax rate. When you have a severely regressive tax system such as what we have here in the US, the curve does not fit. And making it even more regressive like Romney wants only puts us further outside the curve.

              • Yeah, sure, but the principle of diminishing returns applies no less to the aggregate tax load: Romney's point stands.
                • Yeah, sure, but the principle of diminishing returns applies no less to the aggregate tax load: Romney's point stands.

                  No, actually, it doesn't. Especially when you're looking at a tax plan that so blatantly disproportionately favors the very wealthy. If he was proposing a flat tax, then you could say it applies, but what he is proposing doesn't in any vague way even start to kind of almost resemble something that could even under the right light be mistaken for something that almost seems like a flat tax.

                  • About the best argument against Romney I can come up with is that it snorts the Drano of our existing tax code.
                    If you want to argue going after the tax code with pliers and a blow torch, I'll sympathize.
                    The class warfare card is almost as smoked as the race card, though. Bore me not with accusations.
        • Obama is made of solid teflon...

          That's funny. You seem upset that he gets the same treatment as Bush, or Reagan (Well, maybe not on FOX..), two people who, along with Nixon, set the tone of the 'imperial president' that we witness today. And let me guess, you believe Romney will bring the office back to earth.

          This angst you display is quite a sight to behold. It's unfortunate that you never bring up any of the legitimate reasons for voting against him. Is that because you still believe in the 'Bush doctrine

          • Angst? []
            I'm advocating liberty in a positive way. Any collateral damage to a chap who may resemble a narcissistic, incompetent Commie is purely coincidental.
            You just keep pluckin' that chicken.
            • I'm advocating liberty in a positive way.

              :-) Yeah, okay... Whatever.. the power of your faith and conditioning overcomes all things, including reality. This is your trap that, should you decide to, you can walk away from with no need to look back.

              Romney='positive'?! And the name calling! I hope you don't think I find it offensive or anything, but I thought you would be above that sort of stuff. I simply see it as more diversion, but feel free to continue, if it makes you feel better, or superior in some we

              • You accuse, accuse, accuse. You offer nothing. Can't you at least serve up a joke?
                I assert no superiority. Liberty. That's the course. What else would you have society pursue?
                • Can't you at least serve up a joke?

                  Hey, I'm just the straight man. The jokes are your department, and you're doing a bang-up job with this 'but but but, Romney is different' jive. It's too bad you take legitimate criticism as 'accusation', but them's the breaks, I guess.

                  If you were for 'liberty', you would point people towards liberty and encourage them to vote that way, not just follow the cattle into the meat grinder and drag as many as you can with you because the entryway looks all glitzy and stuff. Don

  • Obviously this nefarious plot from half a century ago was also diabolically and fiendishly complicated and clever, involving as it does spiriting Ann Dunham off to Kenya just long enough to give birth and then whisking her and her newborn back to Hawaii so that they could fake her hospital stay there (probably had some other white woman give birth to a black son under her name and then switched them) and fool the hospital and newspapers into running the birth announcements, just so that they'd have the whol

    • No, no, no. You got it all wrong. My barber's son's teacher's drycleaner's boyfriend's taxi driver's cousin's best friend has it on good authority that the president is genuinely an alien. As in, from Mars. And no matter what anyone tells you, Mars is not a US territory.
      • by unitron ( 5733 )

        "And no matter what anyone tells you, Mars is not a US territory."

        Yes, but it will be retroactively made a state, and then the gentlemen in the dark suits with the funny flashing ballpoint pens will go around and make us all think it's always been that way.

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