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Journal stoolpigeon's Journal: Oh Samsung 3

So I love my Samsung phones - but I really hate Kies, their software for updating said phones.

I would like to get the latest update for my SIII - which I'm not even sure if it's available yet - but I want to check so I download and install Kies. This takes a really, really long time, much of which is the installer downloading and installing "hotfixes". It finally finishes. I start the program and I get a pop-up that tells me there is an update available.

I just downloaded the latest from their site - watched it take forever to install - why don't I already have the latest? Who knows. I click the update button but it fails because it can't stop some process. It asks me to reboot and do it again. I do but it still fails in the same manner.

So - I open task manager (Kies does not run on Linux) and I start Kies. I see the process that causes problems start and I kill it. Then I run the update, but it fails because of a second process. So I find that process, kill it and finally I can run my update.

Now this works out for me in the end but can you imagine the typical user trying this? I can't. There was no firmware update either - but that sucker has to be coming sooner or later. I know the 4.1.1 update is coming because it's been leaked already at XDA - I guess it is just a matter of when.

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Oh Samsung

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  • Do you happen to know if the Navigon Software transfers cleanly why you upgrade to a newer model?
    Because, if it doesn't, Imma be kinda torqued.
    • All my apps I got through Google Play were very simple to install on the new phone - they are already marked as being mine. It was a clean install though, so for instance in the case of one of my games I essentially started over. I didn't care enough to see if there was a way to find the data files on the old phone and bring them over to the new one.

      I'm struggling to find navigation software that doesn't rely on data that I like. I've tried free and paid and apps in both categories just haven't been that ho

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