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Journal Marxist Hacker 42's Journal: 21st Century survivalism 12

Given the current use of drones by the American government, and the strong possibility that no matter who wins in November, sometime in the next 20 years we WILL face a situation where the American President feels the need to use drones to defend the rich against the poor (which group of poor, of course, depends on the political party in power at the time, we were never at war with Eurasia, we are now at war with Eastasia), it's time to start thinking about an adequate defense mechanism that everybody can afford.

And I think I know what it is, taking a play out of the book of Winston Churchill, scaled down to the modern drone/rc toy:
Mylar balloons, filled with hydrogen cracked out of water with solar power, tethered to the ground with 30,000 foot reels of 2-lb test monofiliment line.
Create a wide enough perimeter around your town/commune/church/union hall (once again, the target depends upon who is in power at the time) and you won't have to worry about the Drone Wars. Or those pesky passenger jets either.

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21st Century survivalism

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  • I love that you actually pursue the implications of our current techo-oligarchy.

    But I think - if there were real opposition - they'd be ready to make Indianapolis or Stockton into Nurnburg and Dresden.

    • If there's real opposition, they'll do to Indianapolis or Stockton what they did to Charleston and Atlanta. Branch Davidians was a dry run. Killing our own is a national pastime.

  • how one theory goes. The rich will have moved out of the U.S. by then. My sister and her husband are already making plans. She thinks eventually the govt. will start directly raiding the bank accounts of the people.

    • I thought they were already. Of course- it's their money, not ours. Americans haven't really been allowed to OWN money since the federal government exercised their monopoly over money creation in 1873.

      I suspect if the rich start leaving in large numbers, we'll just bring back the Sedition Acts to wipe out their fortunes and ability to do business in America as they go. But of course, by that time, I don't know why they'd want American consumers anyway, none of us will have enough currency to buy anything

      • I think the idea is that they'll have already liquidated businesses and property and moved the bulk of their fortunes off-shore. That's why my sis is looking into this now. Apparently she's already got wind of a few prospective countries where she says the rule of law still applies and they'll let you in and be a citizen if have money and invest in a business or property there. Despite being a big proponent of lots of social safety netting, I suppose this means going to places largely without them, and hen

        • I think she'll find most of those countries to be a bit bait-and-switch on the law and order stuff. They look lawful and orderly- but bringing in money for investment in exchange for citizenship is just the start. Most of those countries, the best way to deal with a traffic ticket is to have a large enough amount of currency in your wallet to supplement the income of the guy who stopped you.

          • But then at least with money you'll be left alone; give each agent of the govt. you come across a small bribe, and they go away happy and don't enforce the laws that might be designed to take even more. If the Left in America ever finally decides to just confiscate everyone's wealth outright, good luck paying off an IRS agent for a fraction of the amount of the bill. Easier to deal with ad hoc corruption than organized corruption.

            • Most of the time, business people find the bribes in such countries to cost far more than the laws ever could. Small bribes can nickle and dime you to death- especially when everybody from the neighborhood beat cop on up to the El Presidente for Life wants a cut of your action.

              The official tax rate in Ghana, one of my fellow Knights new to the United States tells me, is .03%. The actual tax rate is close to 90% when you take bribes and inflation into account. He very nearly got himself in trouble trying

  • BTW, I've just been parroting here the outlook of my sister and presumably her crowd of friends, because I think it's an interesting one. But I can find something interesting without believing in it myself. I don't believe the our govt. will ever (or at least in our lifetimes) be that overt in how it goes about wealth confiscation, simply because it doesn't need to. Clearly most people aren't mad about the govt. printing money or running up more debt, so it can continue to take from us by devaluing our curr

    • I'd love to find a doctor dedicated enough to the ideals of his practice that he's willing to deal in BARTER rather than in INSURANCE.

      What gets me most about Obamacare is that the solution of community-owned healthcare (where the shareholders in the doctor's practice are the patients, and they cut out the middle man of insurance entirely) wasn't even CONSIDERED.

      • You're in luck; apparently some new law went into effect this year in your state [] and some doctors are switching to a monthly subscription model for basic health care.

        When I think about it, people just a few generations ago didn't have a lot our amazing health care technology, that we pay a lot of money for (for insurance to put expensive things within our reach if need be) to have access to. But do we really *need* it? Why should I be able to marshal the resources of thousands of people to just give me anot

        • WOW! I completely missed that. I need to talk to my doctor about that one. We all use the same clinic anyway; and we rarely use hospitals.

          THANK YOU!!!!!

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