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"The Real Magic of a Good Con"

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  • Those evil "computerized medical records" again.


    • Doesn't need on fire on all cylinders, to get a good spark off of the few...

      There's a gaming that is going on. This is a decent hypothesis - and excellent illustration of Argentina vs. Zimbabwe meddling.

  • "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger." Yeah, tell that to a someone who became quadraplegic in an accident.

    • I think that he was perhaps, referring to his psyche? He would have excoriated any sentimental quality of the term, but this statement is about the spirit.

  • ...left, right, black, white, famous, religious, atheist, straight, gay, immigrant, commie, Muslim--whatever the people will buy--to insure confusion and infighting when the time comes.

    Heh, I know at least two slashdotters that are caught in that little bear trap right now. Of course they don't see it that way. Maybe the pain feels really good. Or maybe I just don't notice the big red noses they are wearing.

    Would you like to give it a squeeze?... Oh, c'mon, squeeze the wheeze. Many people like to...

    The enti

Can't open /usr/fortunes. Lid stuck on cookie jar.