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Journal GameboyRMH's Journal: The biggest stories that didn't make it to Slashdot 2

I'm going to start another running-updated journal entry where I list the most important stories that didn't make it to Slashdot - all of these so far were actually submitted but died in the firehose, probably to make room for some article spergin' over the minutiae of Apple's latest shiny or a digital PHB poop from InfoWorld. After two went by in just the last week I was really fed up. I'm going to list them in chronological order, newest at the top. You'll find that I link to a lot of my own submissions here, it's not simple vanity and butthurt, it just happens that if I see an important story and don't find it in the firehose, the submitter ends up being me.

Official USPTO crowdsourced patent-busting system goes online: To geeks the awesomeness of this news is somewhere between the invention of a working light saber and Natalie Portman ringing your doorbell and holding a bucket of hot grits over her head. Finally we can call prior art on new patents and challenge old ones. Any of us. Story died in the firehose. UPDATE: Just as I post this journal the story makes it to the front page

Assange's DNA not found on condom presented as evidence: Earth-shatteringly big news in the Assange sexual assault case, and perhaps the extradition case as well. Died in the firehose.

FSF petitions against closed implementation of UEFI secure boot: Maybe things would be different today if this had been posted to Slashdot, right when the argument over UEFI secure boot hit fever pitch. When submitting this story I ran into the title headline limit without any kind of warning, that surely didn't help.

Trapster hacked, 10 million passwords at risk: At the time at least, it was the biggest successful exploit in history in terms of accounts compromised, and the passwords may have been in plaintext with Trapster management dodging the question at every turn. Pretty good story huh? Was declined.

Assange Q&A session: This story came out not long after Assange emerged from anonymity as the Wikileaks founder and answered a lot of questions that were coming up at the time (and that many people probably still don't know the answer to). It doesn't help that Gunkerty Jeb submitted the story first from the original source with a flamebaiting shitpost, thus blacklisting the URL and tainting editors' opinions of the story. Later I submitted the same story from a different source but it was declined.

Know any more that belong on this list? Nominate them in the comments.

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The biggest stories that didn't make it to Slashdot

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