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Journal Dr.Bob,DC's Journal: It's good to be back from my missionary work. 1

It's hard to believe that it was about 10 months ago I took a sabbatical and went on life-saving work in Africa, Antarctica and the Amazon basin. I was part of a team of 14 from Chiropractors Without Borders .

This find organization travels the world with our drop tables and performs life-saving chiropractic treatments wherever needed. Natural disaster areas, poor areas of the world, you name it. We've even been learning Veterinarian Chiropractic.

I performed my first adjustment on a penguin during the second leg of our mission (Antarctica). Dr. Mike, who specialized in Vet-Chiro, pointed out one particular penguin which wasn't moving. He carried the gentle creature over and examines its spine. "There! Right there!" he said as he positioned my finger on the bird's back. Lo and behold: a subluxation! It was amazing! "How do I treat it? This is a lot smaller than I'm used to", I asked. "Directional Non-Force Technique (DNFT) works best with avians." said Dr. Mike. I positioned my thumbs ever so gently and applied what seemed like the right amount of pressure.

I quite literally felt the subluxation melt away like butter.

We placed the penguin down. It stood still for a moment then waddled away to be with its mate. This truly was one of the happiest moments of my life. Every cell of creature on the planet has Innate Intelligence within. They know how to repair themselves, all that is needed is removal of the subluxation causing nerve communication issues.
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It's good to be back from my missionary work.

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