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Journal identity0's Journal: Movie reviews

So, I went to see a few movies yesterday with my mother, at a film festival in Memphis. Here are some quick reviews:

Kwik Stop: A really good story about love and life told in a way that feels a bit different from the usual sentimental love story. A girl meets a boy in a small town, and they decide to go to Hollywood together and persue their dreams - but they can't seem to get going. The film focuses mostly on the girl(Didi), but the guy and his former girlfriend are rather interesting characters, too. The journey to Hollywood seems to be a metaphor for life's journey, and the character's struggles in getting to Hollywood reflect people's difficulty in changing their lives. I found the film meaningful in that respect, as my own life seems to be stuck in a rut at this moment, much like the charachters in the film. While much of it is somewhat serious, there are some really funny parts to it, as well. I'd highly recommend this film to just about anyone.

I'll add the rest of the reviews later...
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Movie reviews

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