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Journal Tet's Journal: Vindicated 4

My decision to rip all of my audio losslessly to FLAC has been vindicated. I rip to Vorbis as well, but I always thought it was worth having the lossless originals around too. That way, if a new codec arrived on the scene at a later date, I could rerip to that without any further loss of quality. That codec is now here. Hello, Opus!

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  • However, my collection is so small, that it's no big deal and I play directly from FLAC. As Opus probably isn't supported by portable media players, we're talking about playback on computers, right?

    jorg@mako:~/Music/Ripped$ du -sh *
    41.3G FLAC
    232M MP3

    You wonder what's in the MP3 folder? Two CD's from my wife, which I ripped someday. I don't exactly know where they are and one album, I liked a lot, but the CD has become unrippable. This is the MP3 rip, I kept from back in my iBook days. I think... B

    • by Tet ( 2721 ) *
      Yep. I rip to Vorbis as well, so that I can easily scp music to my work computer without having to transfer the full FLAC file over my relatively slow ADSL line. The extra 10% storage it uses is essentially insignificant.
      • Work laptop, plugged in my own LAN... Copy... Done... What is 40GB these days? There are USB sticks that can hold that (but I admit, I don't own any).
  • Keeping good quality audio files while mother nature turns your hearing to shit year after year. Rock on.

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