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Missed the porcine flautas

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  • It's funny you link that, I was just looking for something to substantiate my memories online and didnt find it. I certainly didnt see these billboards and I dont think you are much if any older than me. The reason *I* laugh is because I remember an old virus. It wasnt malicious, it just reproduced and appended random Burma Shave haikus at the end of wordstar files and similar. You remember that thing?
    • No, but that sounds like a good bit of fun.
      For the record, I'm 42, and the Burma Shave troll is about 7.
      It's just fun to his /. on Tuesday, go to a post that isn't live, and try to compose a vaguely topical jingle in time to get FP.
      Or you might think that mad.
      • by Arker ( 91948 )

        I am 41 so I was about right on the age guess. I know the Burma Shave troll isnt that old but the first time I saw it I immediately assumed that the old virus was the inspiration. I may be wrong... it's puzzling to me I cant find any reference to it on the net.

        I always seem to find your 'trolls' funny, btw. And that is the line between good trolling and bad trolling, it's very objective - if it makes me laugh it's good. ;)

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