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Journal Marxist Hacker 42's Journal: Why Greed hasn't worked 3

I've been told I post too many left wing stories. But The left wing isn't the only group warning about our excessive spending and our collective, government AND private, has created a civilization in bankruptcy. Pennies before people has created a civilization of material wealth that we cannot afford.
We are in a civilization that is bankrupt, both morally and financially. Our ONE possible solution here in the US is to build local economies, based on friendship, not national economies based on the federal government.
Oh, and that video will also tell you 5 other areas you really should be researching right now!

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Why Greed hasn't worked

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  • Corporations in America now being run as communist organizations? The Left wing decrying big spending? One has to overlook some shockingly big boners in your perceptions (i.e. those are obviously not happening) and thinking (i.e. those obviously *could not* be happening, given the natures of corporations and Leftists, respectively), to get to something that even resembles our reality and is commentable on.

    On the decline of the U.S., someone posted the following this weekend, which I thought was interesting:

    • "Corporations in America now being run as communist organizations?"

      NOW? Near as I can tell, this infiltration started in the 1800s. It was more blatant when they were running company towns and printing their own script, but the deception has been going on for a VERY long time.

      " The Left wing decrying big spending?"

      They've always tried to keep their so-called anti-poverty programs to the bare minimum needed to prevent rebellion. Don't tell me you actually bought into their love and compassion story; I wou

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