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Journal NotFamous's Journal: Android

I have owned 3 android phones, all of which were buggy. My Samsung Moment was a slow as a dog in fudge, my LG Optimus locked up a lot, and was also slow (and crippled in memory). My current phone, the HTC Inspire 4G, spontaneously resets itself a few times a day. It also likes to slow to a crawl. Basically, to survive in the Android Wild, I have to manually blast apps out of memory on a regular basis to keep from slowing to a crawl. This is nuts. I'm think the iOS way, of freezing apps in the background makes sense. I wrote apps for the classic Palm. When users left your app, it was your job to save the current state. When they came back, it looked to them as if everything was just as they left it. Sure, it was minor amount of work for the developer, but the Palm was always lightning fast, even on modest hardware. I'm thinking my next phone will be an iPhone. Stop the insanity!

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