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Journal Bill Dog's Journal: quite a career 3

Scouring the listings, planning my loser's evening, it looks like it's Will Smith nite on TNT tonite. The thought popped into my head, has he ever been in a bad movie. I only remember seeing him in great ones. And not just the action ones.

From looking at his filmography, I classify them thusly:

Great Action Movies
* Hancock
* I Am Legend
* I, Robot
* Men in Black II
* Wild Wild West
* Enemy of the State
* Men in Black
* Independence Day

Good-to-Great Comedy/Drama
* Hitch

You should remember what all of the above are just from their names.

Great Dramas
* Seven Pounds - Where he fakes being an IRS agent.
* The Pursuit of Happyness - Where he's a single father.

All of the above highly recommended by yours truly.

I Hate Martin Lawrence (so I won't see these)
* Bad Boys II
* Bad Boys - No movie of this name could be as good as the one from the '80's with Sean Penn (before I hated him too!) and Esai Morales.

Haven't Seen/Can't Classify
* Men in Black 3 - Might be okay to just wait for on TV. For sequels/prequels, I'm generally okay with a follow-up along the same lines, but after that I'm pretty bored with the premise.
* Ali - I don't have much interest in biographies. Is there anything to this beyond that aspect?
* The Legend of Bagger Vance - Where he's some mystical golf caddy I guess. I do like a good supernatural/life-lesson movie like Mr. Destiny (James Belushi) and The Family Man (Nick Cage and the exquisite Tea Leoni); is it something like that?

Early Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Era (didn't know he had movie roles then)
* Six Degrees of Separation - Lower economic class gay Black con artist rips off upper crusties and makes them reconsider their worldviews or something.
* Made in America - Looks to be a mindless racial comedy/artificial insemination gone awry with Whoopi Goldberg ending up with Ted Danson's sperm I guess.
* Where the Day Takes You - Teenage runaways try to survive on the streets of L.A./The Outsiders set in Los Angeles maybe.

Yeah, not really interested at all in those.

Future/Rumored Movies
* I, Robot 2 - Prolly.
* Bad Boys 3 - Nope.
* Hancock 2 - Maybe; dunno how much more can be done with this.
* Winter's Tale - "A fantasy story set in 19th Century and present-day Manhattan and revolves around a thief, a dying girl, and a flying white horse." Sounds a little convoluted at this point.
* After Earth - "After a crash landing, a father and son explore a planet that was evacuated by humans 1,000 years earlier." An M. Night tale. Should be good.

p.s. That slap/pat was very measured and called-for.

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quite a career

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  • The first one was terrific, however.

  • It really depends on what you find to be "bad"... some people hold that he's had a few bad movies, but when I think about the movies, I either think it's because they were too pop, targeted for children, or too haughty...

    Hitch - It's a rom-com. I have it in German for a reason... it's a good movie to me.
    Shark Tale - for kids, and was kind of pop-ish... still watched it, and enjoyed it ok. Came out too soon after Finding Nemo though...
    The Legend of Badger Vance - too haughty... I expect it's a critically awe

    • Wild Wild West was nearly ruined by Kevin Kline (who I don't want to see in anything, or otherwise have to look at, or hear the voice of), but the cool, steam-powered gadgets saved it.

      I don't really count cartoons as being movies an actor is "in". Same for if it was live action but for example they were in a gorilla suit the entire time. For example if I was a Louis Gossett Jr. fan, I wouldn't count "Enemy Mine" as being a movie that he I guess as a person was in.

      I similarly feel considerable disinterest in

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