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Journal Captain Kirk's Journal: Ripped off by Apple and the IP industry

I am a sucker for Apple. I've got an iPhone, an iPad and a MacBook Air with the most memory and biggest storage that can be bought. The sheer elegance of the MacBook Air makes me happy whenever I use it. All my stuff is backed up to iCloud. iTunes is how access to online movies, tv series and music should work. Or so I thought....

Recently I needed to clear some space on the iPad so rather than select each file individually I opted to backup everything to iCloud, to press "Erase All Content and Settings" and to see what I wanted to restore from iCloud afterwards. First thing I wanted was "The Princess Bride" for my daughter to watch. Lo and behold, this film, that I've bought and paid for, is not backed up! Apple doesn't allow that on iCloud. If you download a movie and lose the file, you pay for it again. So all my movies that I've paid for are gone. Having opted for a superior service and chosen to buy as opposed to stealing content, I find myself being robbed by the content provider after I paid for it.

For me, this is the straw that breaks the camel's back and forces me back to Bittorrent. I'm happy to pay for the nice UI and the backup that comes with iTunes and iCloud. But this is adding to the fact that I was already being stung. I was irritated when my iBooks could not be read on my MacBook Air. The point of buying the Air was that I want to be able to have more storage and it turns out that I have to buy my iBooks all over again or else carry both the MacBook Air and the iPad when I travel. Its not as complete a rip-off as forcing me to re-buy all my movies. But it stinks.

In the same vein, I want to watch Seinfeld on my computer and iTunes doesn't carry it. I'm in the UK and iTunes doesn't carry Breaking Bad Season 3 here while American are watching Season 5. Again, I want to buy these but they refuse to sell them. I don't care if its Apple or some movie executive that is blocking me; I am being prevented from buying content that is available for free. Where is the sense in that?

So I've given up. I installed qBittorrent and have all my old movies back. I have the entire Seinfeld series. I'm going to get the movies and series I want for free forever. I've tried very hard to pay for them but Apple and the IP industry are just stronger and won't allow it.

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Ripped off by Apple and the IP industry

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