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It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Fjandr's Journal: Sometimes you just have to laugh 6

Well hello there Slashdot Journal, long time no see!

Somewhat surprisingly, given the nature of Internet forums, I don't encounter too many people of this ... let's say ... caliber. At least not directly. I guess I caught Sexconker on what appears to be (at least from a perusal of their comments as they exist at this moment) a very rare non-dickish post. Well, there's still the ubiquitous swearing in it, but it was targeted at people who, to be fair, usually actually are assholes of some stripe or another.

The chain of posts starts here. It's actually fairly reasonable, allowing some license for what appears to be a decided lack of foresight. That is, until you get to the end. As a result of my disagreeing that a GPU can perform all operations available to the newer ARM processors (specifically access-controlled states and the use of specific cryptographic instructions), I "don't get it." As a result, I am worthy of nothing but the derision of a "lolbro you dumb."

The irony of that statement made me chuckle a bit. Sometimes, you just have to laugh...

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Sometimes you just have to laugh

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  • Hmm, I know I put the link in, but I must've missed a quotation mark or some such...

    Anyway, it should read:
    The chain of posts starts here [].

    • Instead of lolbro you dumb. I was expecting a technical reply.. if it was the case of restating he could have copied/pasted inside a Blockquote..

      Sad when a discussion ends in a pit of stupidity.

      That sort of reply is waiting to be modded troll.

      • by Fjandr ( 66656 )

        Honestly, that was my expectation too.

        I'm always interested in learning other views on the benefits and drawbacks of different architectures. I'm an expert on neither the Nvidia GPUs nor the ARM CPUs, but there are certainly some fundamental differences that appear both obvious and non-superficial. The reply ended up being nothing more than "GPUs are better," without any supporting information. While I understand a lot of the geek hate toward ARM, I'm guessing it stems largely from the way they've marketed

        • I suspect that he was assuming that you were an expert, or had superior knowledge, and could just not be bothered.

          Pity, as the whole point of debate and argument is to draw out the information, lay it open for comparison and see where opposing sides and agree, disagree and agree to disagree.

          • by Fjandr ( 66656 )

            In hindsight I believe he's one of those who go in looking to start a fight, at least judging from a large number of his other comments. At least when I looked (right around when I wrote the above entry), there were a pretty hefty chunk appropriately modded to 0 or -1 for trolling or flamebait.

            It's also sort of sad, because he apparently has contributed enough positive comments to get him the +1 karma bonus. Maybe he's just going through a rough patch and is venting his frustration online ... who knows. I'm

  • Sometimes, I guess you have to accept that two people engaged in a discussion don't share enough perspective and information to be able to properly engage, so you end up with "lolbro you dumb".

    Instead of thinking the worst, I try to imagine that the person who leaves a comment like that is having a bad day or doesn't have the patience to engage or maybe his shoes are on fire and that's the best he can do in a hurry. Maybe he just had a mini-stroke and part of his brain has been damaged. Who knows? It co

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