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Journal blue trane's Journal: dream


Jim and I are on a playground. We've just come from a bar. Jim had several drinks. He's in a good mood, showing off on the jungle gym. He's being loud, bouncing around on the equipment. I watch him, with some mixed feelings. There is an apartment balcony at the level of the top of some structure (bars?); as Jim makes his way across the top of that structure, at least two doors open and some young guys come out, and hail Jim, smiles on their faces. I think they made references to drugs, "Have you come around to buy some drugs?" or something like that...

I realize I don't want to be like that: I don't want to show off, to be loud, to disturb people nearby even if they don't seem to mind.


Another thing I wanted to write down, now it's slipped away. Was it about p ^ ~p? That both Jim and I can co-exist, even if we have opposite views on things like showing off on the jungle gym and having lots of friends?

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