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Journal pecosdave's Journal: The I-Told-You-So moment! 1

There is a "talked bad about Apple" blacklist! I'm on it for addressing real issues in a discussion based manner. I've pretty much gone to poking fan-boys with a stick since then, but here you go:

Another curious anomaly in the pro-Apple hater racket is that they operate on a blacklist system. Once youâ(TM)ve crossed Apple in any way ever, youâ(TM)re on the blacklist and can never get off. (Not coincidentally, this is the case with Apple itself. Ask any journalist who canâ(TM)t get an invitation to any Apple event.)

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The I-Told-You-So moment!

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  • They are Apple Fanbois. They are Borg. They get really pissy when you criticize their stuff, because it's a deep seated inferiority complex.

    See, they *know* that Apple's products are overpriced and substandard, and that developing with Apple's XCode is akin to icepicks in the toenails... so whenever it's pointed out that the Emperor has no clothes.... well, they erupt in nerd rage.

    I'd joke about how they need to get laid, but their not interested in women. They like each other more.

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