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Journal Taco Cowboy's Journal: Is Linux getting bloated ? 2

I have dealt with Linux since the beginning

Even before Linux, I've gotten my finger wetted with many flavors of Unixes

Lately, however, I got the feeling that Linux itself might be getting bloated

Case in point ---

In the lwn article, it talks about Linux distros that are getting ready to ditch the Compact Discs (CDs) because their distribution has grown much larger than the 680MB real estate of a typical CD

We used to complain that Microsoft Windows are bloatware

We used to congratulate ourselves on the simplicity, the usefulness and the compactness of the Unix/Linux daemons, that we can do so much with so little

Sadly, those times seem to be over

I'm afraid Linux has enter the bloatware arena

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Is Linux getting bloated ?

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