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Journal hairyfeet's Journal: Phone scams 6

I know that we geeks tend to laugh at such things but PLEASE REMEMBER that just as many of us can't do open heart surgery or rebuild our car engines, so too is there many that don't have our experience with scams. Currently there are several "$1000 Gift Card" scams that are going around, Best Buy and Walmart are two of the biggest right now. Please warn your less tech savvy friends and family about such things and point out that a REAL winning entry in a contest would be contacted by something other than a txt. I have had to warn several older and less savvy customers in the past few weeks because of this scam so its going around pretty heavily. remember to use your computer savvy for good and help your fellow man keep from being ripped off.

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Phone scams

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  • Get gmail address, send password reset request to gmail and get user to supply reset code sent to cellphone? []

    • Nope in this one they have to "fill out a contest form" to claim their "winnings" which then gives the scammers enough info for ID theft. Its a nasty one and as I said the less tech savvy can easily fall for this one as they have stolen enough images from Best buy and Walmart to make the thing look legit. remember there is a lot of folks just now getting smartphones so just as we had to educate those just coming online we will have to again educate those that just joined the mobile web as for some reason tr
      • by Nethead ( 1563 )

        So, with smart phones, it's the Eternal September [] all over again?

        I think the new thing about SMS is now most people can "click" a link in a message and be taken to a page. That was hard to do on the older phones.

        • Yep, I'm afraid so friend. i have had to field over a dozen calls this week from customers and family of customers asking me about this and damned near ALL thought it was legit. Nowadays with so many contests people fill out they honestly don't remember if they entered it or not and as i said for some reason, maybe because the smartphone is still new to so many, they just don't have their internal alert tripped by these. I have been shown one of their messages and its damned good, it has tons of contest rul

          • by Nethead ( 1563 )

            Yeah, I've received them on my phone. Ignored them when I saw the address. I'm not the type to sign up for contests unless I already have a strong relationship with the company, and they are local. I've always seen it as just a marketing ploy.

            Well this Unix head just went out and actually bought a real "builder's" copy of Windows 7 for his wife. Got her an updated (still used) laptop that had the specs for it so I bit the bullet for her. It went in a Thinkpad SL500 with 3GB of RAM. I have to sa

            • Just be sure to warn your friends and family, because you'd be surprised how many are gonna end up falling for this one, its really nasty.

              And I'm glad you enjoyed Ninite, its just a great source for new builds isn't it? takes all the work out and between that and WSUS Offline you can have a fresh install fully patched and ready to roll with VERY little actual effort. BTW I don't know if you know this trick or not but you can use Ninite on an older machine to check and make sure the software is up to date. J

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