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Journal jawtheshark's Journal: Phew, you need a tough skin for an Ask Slashdot 11

Well, some might have noticed that I got an Ask Slashdot through on the front page. Nice, but really, for some commenters you really need tough skin. Some of the commenters really think you're a complete idiot for just asking something because you don't have the experience and just want to tap into the pool of knowledge present here.

Sure, I could have a bit more precise, that I have a European style house and not the masses of space many in the US have, I also should have specified why I wanted a rackmount at home: basically, neatness and centralizedness (is that even a word?) because tell me what you want: a neat rack has higher WAF than a couple of desktops scattered around the house.

Oddly enough, I'm not sure I found a good answer. Best suggestion was this. I'll try to see whether my electrician can get a full rack, but if he can't, it will be this. Given my geographical location, using eBay for these things is impossible and people selling these new don't seem to want to bother with non-company entities (aka "real people"). So, starting off with the mounted one, extending to an on-roll half rack for future extensions seems a good compromise.

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Phew, you need a tough skin for an Ask Slashdot

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  • I didn't even notice that was you - I thought it was a great question though. The answers will be a good resource for a while for anyone looking to do the same.

    There is a significant number of people here who are jerks - and I'm not even talking about the straight out trolls. Then there are the people who are way over the deep end. Though I think it is a little easier to take with so many that are beyond the pale, because it's a little easier to ignore them. They go so far overboard that it gets comical.

    I l

    • There are...
      There are...

      Man - I checked that over twice before I hit submit and then saw that immediately.

    • Felicia Day is the nerd queen. She cannot do anything bad :-)

      I'm not all that surprised there were jerkish answers. I expected some... Oh, well, for all future homebuilders, it might be a good resource now. I'll ask my electrician for a full size rack on wheels, but if he can't get one, the wall mount it is. It's not even that expensive...

      • by Tet ( 2721 ) *

        I'll ask my electrician for a full size rack on wheels, but if he can't get one, the wall mount it is

        Unless you need the full 42u, I'd definitely go for something smaller. A half-ish rack on wheels should be more than adequate, will be less imposing, and they're relatively cheap, too []. We have a couple in the office at work because the few machines that aren't in one of the data centres don't need a full height permanent rack. I can't believe there isn't a suitable supplier in Luxembourg, given the number

        • You'd be surprised how many suppliers of that type of equipment do not want to talk to end-users. If you're not a company, they are not interested. Their billing system isn't setup for customers without VAT numbers. It's annoying, but that's what you get to deal with if you want enterprise goodies at your home. The half rack is a good solution indeed, and coupled with a wall mount for the networking should be just fine.

          As for Germany... Keep in mind shipping charges on this kind of item. Easily doubles

  • Indicating that you have less sq. ft. available might have been helpful information to have, but including it in your submission wouldn't mean that the editors wouldn't chop it out before posting.

    I think the word you were looking for was 'centralization'.

    And considering how much bullshit you've put up with, WAF should be a non-factor. You've earned a messy cable or two.

    • Hey, WAF compliance is self protection... It's not for her, it's for me :-D

      Ah, yeah "centralization", my mistake writing this in a hurry. I see I even screwed up a link... Baaad shark ;-)

      I'm pretty sure a full size rack should fit, but it must be on rolls. That was what I aimed at initially, but the electrician sent that offer with the wall-mounted rack, and I wanted to be sure first.

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