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Journal karniv0re's Journal: Do Lots of Drugs

Well, I got Eclipse fixed. It was apparently in a cycle of "Updating workspace..." I uninstalled one of the Spring plugins, which seem to be worthless anyway. For some reason, that fixed it.

Man, I just wish Eclipse weren't so cryptic sometimes.

In other news, I found that I had to block social networking sites to
keep me focused on work. I used the Firefox extension BlockSite to just
block me from going to them. Not like they're completely blocked or
anything. I can just disable it. Or go to them on my phone. But it's
less convenient, so I'm less likely to do it. Since doing that, I've
gotten probably 100% more done.

I'm still not feeling like I have a full understanding of Wicket and the
whole web piece of this code. Which is scary because I need to be in dev
this week, test next week, and prod the week after. And then I fly to
L.A. at the end of the month to showcase it to our customers. Yes. I am
worried, considering I don't even have a base product to tweak yet. Just
all backend code.

Future Brian - if you are reading this from an office, you can thank me
for not losing your job. If not, uh... sorry, bro. Do lots of drugs and
try to forget about it.


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Do Lots of Drugs

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