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Journal MoreDruid's Journal: Introducing in the purple corner....

Heh... 1st Post! Finally I can do this without getting modded down :)
It seems that my .sig has gotten some attention lately, and I will be explaining why I gave my cat this silly name...
She's called Peuk which is Dutch for "cigarette butt". When I got her I couldn't think of a good name, so I thought that I could think better if I would light up a 'butt and my gf said that we should call her that so there you go. That's all there is to it.

A bit more about me you might ask? Well, I'm not _that_ interesting, but hey, here we go:

gender: male

age: currently 30

interests: networking, operating systems, classic cars, movies, car-hifi

marital status: single (plz apply)

mental state of mind: fuzzy

BTW: if you read all this say "Blink" out loud. It will make you feel better. No really. Try it. And if your significant other asks WTF you're doing: don't tell!!! It's meant to be a conspiracy for geeks only! Grmbl, I'm out... This doesn't even make sense to me anymore - so this means it does quite accurately reflect my personality I guess... :P

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Introducing in the purple corner....

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