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Journal tomhudson's Journal: Bad news for Windows and Linux 9

Remember how Apple captured a generation of users by concentrating on getting their computers into schools? You ain't seen nothin' yet.

One trend that I haven't heard a peep about is how mothers and grandmothers are using their iPhones and iPads to play with their kids. I'm not talking grade-school children, but babies under a year old. I have yet to see a parent do this (play with their baby) with a non-iOS device.

Cradle to grave, these kids are going to think a "computer" is something you buy from Apple, and anything else is a cheap knock-off (which is too true nowadays, btw).

Microsoft will still manage to hang on in the business world, but android? Not a very good future in either smartphones or tablets, unless you want to talk about the lower end. Androids' continued fragmentation problems mean Apple will continue to be the one to beat.

Android on TVs? Nobody wants a "socially networked TV". That's what they have their iPads and iPhones for. TV is for vegging out, for background noise when doing homework or housework, or for playing games. So even if/when android comes standard on most TVs, it's going to be like the clock on those obsolete VCRs - always blinking 12:00:00 because nobody bothers to configure it.

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Bad news for Windows and Linux

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  • The key ingredient to Apple products' likeability among consumers is Steve Jobs' incredible sense for aesthetics in the computer-mind interaction, IMO. It's unlikely that another Steve Jobs will appear -- he (or she) may, but not at Apple. Apple's current success is the consequence of that one man's talent and obsession, but that can only go for a few years before the difference between new and old is obvious. (Except for tablets maybe -- those things don't seem like they can get any better with the new iPa

    • The thing I noticed wasn't the hardware or software, but that people enjoyed what they were doing. The iDevice as enabler, not just the center of focus. That's going to be hard for anyone else to duplicate across a complete line of products. Google has failed to do it with chromebooks, the browser, their online applications, and android is hit or miss; microsoft is limited to the xbox/kinect combo ... I don't think anything is going to change this decade.
      • I bet it will. Consumers are demanding more and more amazing products to satisfy their addiction, and the advances in technology in the last few years are allowing for that. My point is that Apple will be hard pressed to stay ahead in that race without a genius like SJ for too long. It's like a hit band where the singer who is the band leader leaves and the next year the band releases a not-so-good album, and then the year after one more like that and soon only hardcore fans remain. That's the problem with

      • The iDevice as enabler, not just the center of focus

        This is why I should read comments before posting... Would have saved me some time by just typing: "This"

  • Subject says it all. I have nothing more to say... Except for one thing, which I cannot stop repeating: Getting an iPhone for my wife was the best ever purchase. Not because it's an iPhone, but because it enabled her to do all things that I was used to do on my computer for years. Things I didn't think twice about, because it was a normality for me, simply were too difficult for her and, unlike my mom, she didn't see the point in putting time into learning these things.

    There is this strange idea that "d

    • That's pretty much it. Plus the convenience factor - who wants to spend the time banging their heads trying to get things to work the way they did after an update goes bad when everything is properly integrated and works better from day one than most of the stuff out there despite constant patching?

      Mind you, all this ignores the real innovation - the integration of ways to get content ad software into the device (iTunes and the App Store). That was the real "killer app", and nobody has come close to doin

      • Not to mention this [theunderstatement.com]. An iPhone may be expensive, but Steve Jobs be praised, you can use them for a long time. My sisters iPhone (3GS) has a failing battery. I suggested I'd replace the battery for her. She didn't want that because she now had an excuse to get the 4S. Fine, but I now get a 16€ iPhone. I ordered the battery and I'll get her old device for free. I know, I know, offtopic... :-P
        • 16 euros for an iPhone 3gs? That's not going to be off-topic for a few more years - and especially in that it shows that apple hardware maintains usefulness far beyond the typical 2-year cellphone life cycle. And that android link makes a valid point - once a phone is released, android manufacturers are better off not upgrading the software, since it could cut into replacement phone sales. Android phones are simply poor value.
          • Well, the phone is free (belongs to my sister and I've been a good boy to my sister), I just ordered the battery... Some assembly required. You know me...

            It also shows something else: most users do not want to change their phone every 6 months (What Android manufacturers seem to consider "replacement time"), but do think it should at least hold up the whole subsidized contract-time. Not really a surprise. Me? As long as it works, it's not going to be replaced. My work cellphone is over 3 years now....

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