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Journal tomhudson's Journal: Good news, bad news ... 7

The good news - doctors visit yesterday, and got the results from my latest labs. It turns out that going off that evil blood pressure medication was a smart move - my bp is lower now than when I was on it. He asked what I was doing, and I told him that every once in a while I would stop and remember to just "clear my head and RELAX!!! NOW!!!! DAMMI!!! :-)"

No need for meditation or anything like that - just thinking of something better for 30 seconds or so, to "break the cycle." It works.

I've never bothered worrying about cholesterol, but out of curiosity I asked, since it's a problem for other family members - turns out mine is just fine, as is my long-term blood glucose level.

Und now, ve haf zee bad newz! Stupid eye started bleeding again yesterday morning. It's still sore today, so I'm limiting myself to 15 minute intervals, with an hour breaks. Oh well, can't win them all.

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Good news, bad news ...

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  • Go outside, it's nice weather... At least here it is :-)
    • I did - just came back to check my email and stuff. It's beautiful weather here too - the high today is supposed to be 26C / 79F - great when you consider the normal high/low is 4C/-5C (39F/23F). Too bad it won't last - it's supposed to drop below freezing again next week, but at least they're not calling for a snowstorm this weekend, like they were yesterday.

      I took the dogs for their morning walk, took my bicycle out of the garage so I can go for a ride later this afternoon, and I have a couple of loav

    • yay global warming (at least until it starts getting nasty hot this summer)

      I don't know good things to express sympathy about the eye problems - I can't imagine what it's like - but I hope it gets better quick.

      • Winter: The good news is that global warming is a fact.
        Spring, Summer, Fall: The bad news is that global warming is a fact.
        I think it's not just the polar bears who are in trouble.

        On the eye thing - since I took myself off the blood pressure medication, I'm getting better able to cope with the disappointment of having these eye problems. I've written Merck to ask what they intend to do seeing as how there are others who have also reported problems such as serious depression, etc., and 2 studies that

        • Whenever someone says 'happy place' the scenes from Happy Gilmore immediately pop into my head. I'm chuckling right now just thinking about it.

          I know how to get my bp down - execution is the problem. I just need to stop being obese. Well, we all need goals.

          And global warming isn't just a fact - it's inevitable so we better start thinking up ways to cope. Every time I go to Asia I realize, they aren't going to keep living like crap so the rest of world can live great without consequences. And there are more

  • See your eye doctor! If it's just a drop or two no big deal, but with pain as well you shouldn't take any chances.

    • I stopped using the computer, went and did other stuff, then when it didn't stop, lay down for a few hours. It's now just "itchy" - so not so bad, but obviously, I'm just checking my email, telling a few seo spammers how to get creative with an aids-infected dildo covered in barbed wire, and then I'm having a cup of tea and taking the dogs for a walk.

      I mean really - is there anyone who still doesn't know how to make and submit a sitemap file? It's what - a minutes work with an automated tool? And adding

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