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Journal jrockway's Journal: First Post!

Well it's Saturday morning and I'm writing a journal entry. Finals are a week away, so there are papers to be written, but nothing is too pressing. There's Notes but that can wait until break. Hmm. I probably won't have time during break either. I'm teaching a Linux Programming "Intersession", which is a 3 hour a day, week long course. We're going to be writing an mp3 player (well, I have to write that part, the students just have to feed it files/streams, and extend it :-), which should prove to be instructional. Everything important gets in there -- memory, files, libraries, interface (although we probably won't have time for that since I have to teach the kids UNIX. They apparently can't read prerequisites). Anyway, it should be fun. So what else? Well, I've applied for a scholarship to visit Japan for a year. I was interviewed on Wednesday and am apparently a Semi-finalist. Almost there :)

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First Post!

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