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Journal Metropolitan's Journal: War commentary

Ok, so my comments on the whole War - Sites Being Hacked thread weren't as cogent as i'd like them to have been.

Perhaps i've been sitting in front of this thing for too many hours in a row.

Here's my basic point, if anyone ever reads this: we, as a species, need to learn to take care of each other. Not by subjugating anyone, or killing them because somebody's great-great-grandfather did something mean to somebody else, or because they pray a different way. If we can't master this, then we'll never get off this rock, and if we can't do that we're going to head into the next big coal seam with all of our dinosaur friends one day.

War is bad. I have more faith in our military to keep it as short and as non-bloody as possible, thanks to technology and compassion.

We need to remember we're here to live with each other, and not necessarily to die because of each other.

Faith may be defined briefly as an illogical belief in the occurence of the improbable. - H. L. Mencken