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Journal tomhudson's Journal: unjava-2012-03-08 now available 2

For those who don't know java, but want to move away from being web monkeys, there's a new version of unjava. This release includes automatic jar generation as well as auto-creation of a non-static main class for your project, to reduce "non-static variable cannot be referenced from static context" errors.

System requirements are very modest - any *nix-ish system, gcc, a copy of the jdk, and a plain-text editor. unjava does not impose any licensing restrictions on programs you create. Examples have been updated.

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unjava-2012-03-08 now available

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  • Of course, very cool. Thanks Babs/Tom.

    How much interest are you seeing in this?

    • Thanks. If you think this is cool, remember - this is only the first step. Ultimately, there will be a complete class hierarchy in parallel to the regular java class hierarchy, but without the constraints that the Java class system has (and without the OvrlyLongNamesForClasses.andStupidlyNamedMethods().

      For example, yesterday I re-implemented the TPoint, TDim (dimension) and TRect classes for a future release that will not use the standard java classes.... there are no separate getter/setter methods named

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