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Journal kriston's Journal: Why aren't Android binaries stripped for performance? 1

I was doing some reverse-engineering of my Nook Color with Cyanogenmod just to see where they store the data for Angry Birds. Most of the configuration stuff is in Lua, which is interesting, but I also noticed that the shared objects have copious help text and even documentation inside them which would never be seen by the end user. These are space-, memory-, and cpu-constrained devices. Why aren't these data stripped out?

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Why aren't Android binaries stripped for performance?

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  • That stuff never even gets loaded into ram, that's the way its been on unix since the invention of shared libs. So maybe it wastes a little bit of space in the filesystem, but that's about it. It is very nice to have around if you ever need to debug a coredump. Without it you can't get a meaningful stacktrace.

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