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Journal Qzukk's Journal: New feature: Flagging posts you don't like 4

I noticed there's now a flag icon on everyone's posts, clicking on it gives me an input box and a "Report" button. I didn't try pushing the button, I figure there's enough of that going on already.

Looking forward to a report on how often this gets abused, and possibly an explanation of what the hell it's intended to be used for in the first place (this isn't 4chan, nobody's posting kiddy porn).

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New feature: Flagging posts you don't like

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  • That feature is just crying out for some abuse. Do they not know what website this is?
  • At first glance it looks like it could be abused, but perhaps it just flags a comment for slashdot staff to have a closer look at?

    • by Soulskill ( 1459 ) Works for Slashdot

      Yes, this. There's no automation; flagged comments are listed on a page for the editors to individually review. Once there, we have two options: downmodding the comment or ignoring the report.

      You're welcome to try it out, if you'd like. It's basically just around for downmodding spam and things like the racist copypastas. So far, probably 95% of the reports have been for perfectly normal comments, on which we've taken no action.

      • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

        Sounds useful. I wish people would stop responding to goatse and gnaa trolls, were it not for biters I'd never know they were there.

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