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Journal arkane1234's Journal: Finally, normalcy

Finally, if seems to be levelling out to some semblance of normalcy. I got a job as a Linux administrator after being unemployed for nearly 2 years... thank god my wife works a decent job as a laboratorian. Getting my first check made life a little easier for us, and I get to replace my ratty 83 Camaro... not to mention gas prices eating me alive with a 4-bbl V-8. I'm picking up a 1991 Mercury Capri XR2 Turbo, and I should be registering it on monday. Sprity little car, and a 5-speed! No more lazy driving for me, woohoo! It is white, and has red flames on the sides, with color-coordinated red/black seatcovers... convertible, also. My wife doesn't know how to drive a stickshift, so I guess I need to teach her. I test drove it the other day, and I bent 50mph in 2nd gear in about 4 seconds. In Scottsdale, Arizona, that's definately something to worry about considering the police force in this area tends to border on pedontic.

So, a see a new life forming... finally able to move on with life once more. Money may not be the only thing in life, but when you don't have it everything tends to fall apart....

I used to be a unix (solaris) integrator/administrator for American Express, had all the goodies back then. I got married on the same day I was laid off and life has been a downhill struggle since then. Now that I have a job, we are able to finally do something other than nothing... which we have done for the past 2 years.

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Finally, normalcy

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