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Journal Qzukk's Journal: It has ever been thus... 1

I've been working on cleaning out all the old useless crap that I hoard (I'm not quite TV show fodder, yet) and ran across an ancient textbook on "Systems Analysis for Business Data Processing". Copyright 1969 I thumbed through it on a lark, and happened to see a chapter on "Network Diagrams". I stopped to see what kind of networks they had back then, I was disappointed to find out it was some sort of installation planning thing, laying out all the steps (38 of them) with their dependencies and timelines (it takes 4 weeks to order furniture and 2 weeks to decorate the computer room, but only one week to install the computer) so that you can get it all done in parallel and have your computer installed, tested, and running master programs 1A and 1B in only 59 weeks.

A few pages later and I spotted this gem:

Other significant factors relating to maintenance are ... If two or more manufacturers are involved in supplying connected equipment, the maintenance interface should, as far as is possible, be established from the start. This applies particularly to data transmission equipment, for which the responsibility for faults can so easily be tossed back and forth between the suppliers.

The more things change...

Well, the binding on this book is shot and half of it is covered with mold, so into the trash it goes.

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It has ever been thus...

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  • it takes 4 weeks to order furniture and 2 weeks to decorate the computer room

    It took me about a half hour to assemble the milk crates and hang the Jimi Hendrix poster.

    It took a little longer to carry the broken desk chair up from the alley and then find decent casters to replace the broken ones. You should never cut corners when it comes to comfort.

    The money I saved, I spent on recruiting a receptionist/secretary. The first one didn't work out so I'm going to have to go back to the gentlemen's club to fin

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