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Journal GeorgeH's Journal: Freenetting Slashdotted Sites? 5

Now that paid subscribers can see into the Mysterious Future, I assume that TotalSlashdotters see many sites before they are slashdotted. Would it be possible for someone to post a mirror of the site to Freenet and then post the key in the discussion? Freenet responds to a slashdotting with more bandwidth, so wouldn't that get around the problem of slashdotting altogether? And yes, I'm aware that everyone and his brother points out that Freenet stops the slashdot effect but no one seems to be using it to combat the big S Slashdot effect.

Update: It seems Ian Clarke has some unfinished code to do just this at

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Freenetting Slashdotted Sites?

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  • I have an idea, too (like most /.ers, I'm sure):

    When an editor posts a story, wget fires up and does a recursive web-suck on any articles linked to, tars them, gzips the tar file and posts the tarball as a .torrent [].
    Available on all platforms that support Python, always up, and /. takes very little bandwidth punishment.
    Charitable readers can leave the BitTorrent window up and continue to seed the article, too.
    • I downloaded .torrent and was checking it out. It seems nice, and if there are .torrent links on slashdot in the future I'll be sure to use them to download big files.

      That said, I don't like the tarball idea because then you have to decompress them and load them locally, as opposed to Freenet where all you do is click a link and it loads up in your normal browser window.

      The downside is that all the anonymity filters make things slow to appear on the network. I think .torrent would work better in this re
  • by GeorgeH ( 5469 )
    Looks like someone took me up on my offer... 711 []

    I didn't even know about the distribution node thing until I read about it in this post, but I think it makes sense to download it from someone with better noderefs than the default...

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