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Journal Daniel Dvorkin's Journal: Know thy enemy 2

I've said it before and I'll say it again: the "if we teach Biblical creationism then we have to teach all the other religions' creation myths too" argument is a bad one to use against these loons. They're not interested in "religious freedom" or "equal time" or anything else of the sort; what they want is a Christian (specifically fundamentalist evangelical Protestant) theocracy, and no one should have any illusions about their goals. If they get their way, we will have to teach (their version of) Biblical creationism, and we will not have to, or even be allowed to, teach anything else.

The same goes for the closely related "if we have Christian prayers in schools, then we also have to have Jewish / Muslim / Buddhist / Hindu / Wiccan / Satanist / etc. prayers too" idea. This is an appealing argument to tolerant, open-minded liberals, but it is a dangerous misunderstanding of the thinking of the religious Right.

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Know thy enemy

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  • When Newt Gingrich calls himself a Christian, he's lying. What he and the conservative "christians" preach is the antithesis of what Christ taught.

    As to creationism is school, it certainly doesn't belong in science class, but rather a philosophy class. And yes, they should teach the other creation stories, too. I spent a year in Bhuddist Thailand in the USAF, and their creation story mirrors the Abrahamic creation is some interesting ways. In their scenario, humans lived happily in peace and harmony until t

  • Well... At least if the Christian Taliban ever gets their way with designated time for prayer in school, my kids can have some great fun shouting "hail Satan!!!" at the top of their lungs. Our particular sect of Satanists doesn't consider it a prayer unless shouted very loudly, followed by rolling one's eyes to the back of the head, shaking uncontrollably, and speaking scary gibberish, Linda Blair style. I'm sure it won't be too disruptive to the rest of the class.

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