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Journal xwwt's Journal: Slashdot New Database 3

I thought I would mention one of the key activities we have been working on in recent months is our infrastructure. For a long time now, and like many companies, we have been living on older hardware and software. After some solid work by our engineers, esp. PerlJedi we finally got our DB upgraded.

One of the nice things we have now is a set of solid state disks to speed up transaction time. Additionally we will be looking at ways to improve some of the queries and as always check for other technical improvements as we progress.

We're not done yet. There are other things we intend to change in the near future including our web app server. We are also slating a number of features in 2012 that we are very excited about.

We'd love to hear feedback from you our readers. Is the site a little more responsive? Can you feel the raw power of our new servers?

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Slashdot New Database

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  • I think the vast majority of time I'm using slashdot, I seem to be stuck watching the "Working" throbber after each button press.

    Right now, that seems to take a LOT less time than usual both when previewing and posting.

    Or maybe it's just that way on journal entries ;)

  • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

    We'd love to hear feedback from you our readers. Is the site a little more responsive? Can you feel the raw power of our new servers?

    Npoe. Got a 503 just yesterday. OTOH, when I'm trying to get a link to one of my journals or trying to read a response to a comment on Win 7 on XP at work, I have to play "punch the monkey" because as soon as I click the goddamned link it moves! No problem in Firefox on linux or Win7 at home, but logging on to slashdot at work is a royal pain in the ass.

    Stop trying to be cool

  • Good feedback. I would like to hear more about metamod thoughts. We have this out as a task to review and have brought the idea of bringing back the old version but I would like to know specifically what you like about the old vs. the new metamod. We have also been looking at the way points are distributed. We get a lot of flack about the way points are handed out - the algorithm is somewhat complex but would like to hear your thoughts on that too.